Soulbound Protocol is a permissionless platform for non-tradable NFTs incubated by PeopleDAO and it aims to be a community-owned for public good.

There is a need to have NFTs which are soulbound as illustrated by Vitalik Buterin. In this paper, he explained how NFTs need to be non-transferrable. A good illustration used is POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) which shows whether or not the owner attended a meeting. The visionaries of this project have similar ideas and are in the process of implementation.

Soulbound NFTs are called Souls and they allow you to build your own persona and make a mark on the Web3 space through a catalog of NFTs which are non-tradable and celebrate important milestones in your on-chain life.

This project aims to have good user experience, be permissionless, respect users’ privacy, protect public good and be especially soulbound with its community of users.

In addition, Soulbound Protocol plans to launch an application containing SoulBound POAP, SoulBound Certificates, SoulDrops and SoulGov.

Here is an overview of SoulBound’s roadmap;

  • Q1 of 2022
    • Brainstorming
    • Team Forming
  • Q2 of 2022
    • ERC721S: SoulBound Token Standard
    • Testnet launch:
  • Q3 of 2022
    • Mainnet launch
    • Plugin system for Soul distribution
  • Q4 of 2022
    • Verification system
    • SoulDrop

The pioneers of Soulbound Protocol have experience in the Web3 world. They have members who are skilled in writing smart contracts, DAO moderation, blockchain technology, marketing and computer engineering. SoulBound Protocol is currently in its beta-testing stage.

Support provided by PeopleDAO

PeopleDAO is a supporter of promising projects and having sensed the possibility of extraordinary growth and possible importance of SoulBound’s ideas, PeopleDAO have successfully intubated the SoulBound protocol.

SoulBound requested product development and marketing from PeopleDAO as well as a total sum of $200,000 PEOPLE token. PeopleDAO has done its due diligence in supporting SoulBound Protocol.

Project leads

Project stewards