LanguageDAO is one of the SubDAOs of PeopleDAO and it was established after a round of governance voting via a proposal. After the proposal passed, the SubDAO was funded with the usual 200,000 $PEOPLE token as a seed funding.

The major aim of LanguageDAO is to reduce the language barriers in the Web3 space by building a community of translators and interpreters with quality experience. These translators deal with interpreting conference calls like DAO Twitter Spaces and translating crypto white papers, which often include technical jargons and regional slang that defy automated translation solutions.

The community, just like any Decentralized organization, adopts an open community mindset as regards its governance and project execution. This means, all the DAO’s decisions are in the hands of the community. The DAO is also governed by its own constitution.

For its operations, LanguageDAO allocates budget for projects that need translations. When these projects are posted into the DAO or directly assigned to a team manager, the allocated budget is used to facilitate the projects. As a service DAO, the services it renders ensure its self-sufficiency.

LanguageDAO stands on THREE mandates:

  • Connect - translate and interpret web3 communications
  • Advocate - campaign to reduce language barriers
  • Facilitate - organize events and educate, fostering intercultural exchange

Some of LanguageDAO previous works include:

  • Translation of GreenPilled ebook by Kevin Owocki from GitcoinDAO
  • Various Turkish translations
  • Translation of the CultDAO manifesto into Vietnamese
  • Translation of PeopleDAO fireside notes every week as well as snapshot proposals and other important documents.

Support provided by PeopleDAO

To kickstart LanguageDAO, PeopleDAO gave a seed fund of 200,000 $PEOPLE. The fund was used to start the translation services and also used to pay translators and members who actively participated in the community.

Also, at the onset, PeopleDAO members supported and functioned as Translators by giving free translations on any document and this really attracted clients.

Project leads

Project stewards