PeopleDAO AFRO PIECE is an NFT project focused on African culture and history. The project is a way of showcasing Africa’s art and history, telling ancient stories of War and Art dating back in centuries.

The AFRO PIECE project aims at empowering the Web 3 revolution in Africa by spreading the beauty of its culture in the form of NFT collections. The community project raises awareness for Africa’s untold ancient stories as well as the People DAO ecosystem.

AFRO PIECE project contributes to PeopleDAO with 50% of its total sales at mint. This is used to purchase $PEOPLE tokens which will be delegated back to the PeopleDAO treasury.

Moreover, the team decided to issue about 1,499 NFTs in the collection where 150 whitelisted NFT spots will be allocated for C-FRAC NFT owners and 200 general whitelist spots for people holding 1,500 $PEOPLE token. People in the whitelist spot are able to mint one NFT for half the sale price.

Furthermore, 10 free-minted NFTs will be allocated to the PeopleDAO core contributors and 20 NFTs will be used for a giveaway campaign for the project marketing. The remaining 1,199 NFTs will be put on market sales. These incentives would encourage people to learn and hold $PEOPLE token if they want to purchase NFTs at a discount. Also, the project aims at empowering and bringing more awareness to the PeopleDAO African community as well as the PeopleDAO ecosystem.

The AFRO PIECE will be massively marketed on PeopleDAO Africa Twitter with the support from PeopleDAO marketing team.

Support provided by PeopleDAO

A total of 200,000 $PEOPLE ($5,700) funding was requested by the team. Detailed breakdown as follows:

  • Research: 10,000 $PEOPLE
  • Consultation: 20,000 $PEOPLE
  • IRL Outreach to Museum and Art Galleries: 12,000 $PEOPLE
  • Design: 84,000 $PEOPLE
  • Website Development: 40,000 $PEOPLE
  • Marketing: 34,000 $PEOPLE

AFRO PIECE PeopleDAO will utilize this grand funding to complete deep research into the culture and history of Africa. Paying artists for designing, developers for the websites for NFT showcases, and also the marketing team and social media influencers.